Friday, March 28, 2008

Latinos in the Law Reception, April 2 at 6pm

The 1st Annual Latinos in Law Reception is next Wednesday, April 2 at Foley & Lardner (Prudential Center, Green Line), from 6:00 to 8:00pm. Several organizations have worked hard in planning this event, including the Massachusetts Association of Hispanic Attorneys (MAHA) and the Latino law student groups from Boston-area law schools. The reception promises to be a great way to network with other Latino law students and local Latino attorneys from a variety of fields. In addition, there will be at least 2 Latino judges, and maybe a third, who will be in attendance -- because they want to meet Latino law students!

This reception is an introduction to the mentor-mentee program AND also a general networking event open to everyone. Local attorneys and judges are coming because they want to meet YOU- if you are interested in attending, reply to for a general headcount. An official RSVP is NOT required, though- so come out!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Proposed Constitutional Amendment

Below is the proposed constitutional amendment relating to elections and the tenure of the executive board. The bolded sections are the proposal; the rest is the existing Constitution. We will be voting on this at our general body meeting next Tuesday.


Section 1. General.
During their terms in office, the Officers of LALSA shall be students who are candidates for degrees at Boston College Law School. Officers shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Community Service/Social Activities Officer and Alumni Liaison. The regular term of office shall be one (1) year, and no person may hold more than one office at the same time, nor may one office be occupied by more than one person. The regular term of office shall run from October 15 to October 14 of the following year.

Section 8. Election of Officers and Performance of Duties
The President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Community Service/Social Activities, and Alumni Liaison, for any given year, shall be chosen in an election held during the Spring term of the previous school year.
In case any officer shall become temporarily unable to serve, the Executive Board shall collectively assume the powers and responsibilities of the absent officer.
In case any officer shall become permanently unable to serve, a special election shall be held for the purpose of choosing a person to serve during the remainder of the un-expired term. However, if a vacany has arisen after an election has been held during the Spring term, then the officer chosen in that election for the vacant position shall immediately assume the duties of that office.

LALSA Board Elections: Position Descriptions

The 8 executive board positions are listed below. Any LALSA member is eligible to run for any of the positions. There is no requirement that the candidate be of a specific class year. If you are interested in running for a position, please submit a brief personal statement (no longer than 500 words) of your candidacy by Saturday, March 30 at 5pm to An e-mail will be sent out to the entire listserv with each candidate's statement on Sunday, March 31.PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THE FOLLOWING: - All elected executive board members are required to attend a leadership training meeting, to be scheduled after the election takes place.- All candidates should keep in mind that LALSA Executive Board duties may conflict with semester-long study abroad or full-time clinical programs.
------------Executive Board Positions:
The President. The President of LALSA shall have general supervisory power over the activities and business of LALSA. The President shall chair the meetings of the Executive Board and the meetings of the General Membership. The President shall have the power and responsibility to represent LALSA when and where the need arises and in doing so shall promote the goals, needs, and interests of the members of LALSA.The Vice-President. The Vice-President shall have the power and responsibility of ensuring the smooth and efficient internal operation of LALSA.
The Vice-President shall have responsibility and powers to provide academic support programs for LALSA which include, but are not limited to, LALSA's mentor/mentee program and the inviting of speakers of interest to Boston College Law School. The Vice-President shall have the power and responsibility of the President in the President's absence.The Secretary. The Secretary of LALSA shall be responsible for the communication of information within LALSA. The Secretary shall have the powers and responsibilities of assuring that all LALSA members are aware of all the business and activities of LALSA.
The Secretary shall send a weekly newsletter to the General Membership detailing LALSA business and activities. The Secretary shall be responsible for the maintenance and distribution of minutes for all meetings of the Executive Board and of the General Membership and shall update the listserv when necessary.
The Treasurer. The Treasurer of LALSA shall have custody and control of the financial assets of LALSA and shall see that they are deposited in a financial institution approved by the Executive Board. The Treasurer shall assure that entries are regularly made in the financial records and keep full and accurate account of all monies received and disbursed by LALSA. The Treasurer shall make regular financial reports to the Executive Board and the General Membership. The treasurer shall also maintain the LALSA services provided in LexisNexis.
Community Liaison.
The Community Liaison shall co-chair the Community Outreach Committee with a 1L. Each Community Liaison shall work with the Admissions Office in recruitment programs to reach out to prospective students. The Community Liaison shall also be in charge of coordinating both community service and social activities. This will include activities with other area law schools and MAHA as well as coordinating outreach programs to the Latino community. Professional Development Co-Chairs.
The Professional Development Co-Chairs shall have the powers and responsibilities of creating and maintaining a professional informational network between present LALSA members and LALSA members that have graduated from Boston College Law School. The Professional Development Co-Chairs shall create and maintain a professional informational network with the legal community. The Professional Development Co-Chairs shall make regular reports to the Executive Board and General Membership concerning this network. The Professional Development Co-Chairs shall also advise 1Ls on job search, resume, and interviewing strategies.
Diversity Chair. The Diversity Chair shall co-chair the diversity committee with a 1L. Each Diversity Co-Chair shall be in contact with other group leaders to coordinate events together and discuss pertinent issues regarding race and culture in the law and in the community. The Diversity Co-Chairs shall be in charge of working with school leaders on the issue of diversity in the law school and shall also attend meetings on diversity in the law journals. The Diversity Co-Chairs shall also plan events for diversity month.

Good luck!-Your LALSA Board

Milbank Diversity Scholars Program

We are pleased to announce that Milbank is again accepting applications for our Diversity Scholars Program. We would greatly appreciate your assistance in helping us spread the word to first year students in your organization. Applications must be postmarked by September 1, 2008.
The program, as you may know, awards at least two students annually with a salaried summer associate position and a $50,000 scholarship. ($15,000 will be distributed during the students’ third year of law school, and a payment of the additional $35,000 will be awarded contingent upon receipt and acceptance of an offer of permanent employment.)
We continue to be excited about this program and hope you are as well. Attached are copies of the Scholars Program fact sheet and application. For more information about Milbank’s diversity initiatives, please visit us on our web site at: